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ASA Youth Teens Program (Teachers/ Parents/ Teens) Package


A modularised program spread across 12, 50-minute modules. Designed to explain the concepts of strengths coaching tools which are grounded in scientific research, that can be applied to ourselves, be used to improve relationships and reach our full potential.

This course is available in male and female voice.

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Parent’s perspective:

What better way to prepare your child for the future by investing some time learning together the science of Character Strengths. Entrusting the task of educating a child to a good school is only a part of our role and it is just the beginning of parental responsibility. Parents are big stakeholders in their child’s future. The outwardly world is changing at an unprecedented rate… it is nearly impossible to predict what the world would be like in 5-10 years…. Unless children understand their own self, they will struggle to understand the people they will interact with once they step out into the world. The role of the parent today needs to change NOW! We need to acknowledge that education alone will not ensure SUCCESS in a child’s life. Parents can now invest their children’s future by understanding themselves and their child through the lens of CHARACTER STRENGTHs. Character Strengths are the rudder and the power that will motivate our children to UNLEASH their full potential. The children of today need to learn to connect to the COACH within and experience in small steps how to navigate the challenges of their contemporary life to prepare for bigger challenges when they come in front of them ……because the parents will not be around forever.

Teacher’s perspective:

Educators will find immense success and satisfaction when they use the tools and techniques used in the PROGRAM to guide their students to find their true self and grow confidently to live their dreams knowing that the power to create lies within!! We realise that education is mostly about helping students expand their boundaries of creativity. It is certainly more than just teaching what is already known academically. Real education requires questioning, thinking, creating and understanding the process of creation…… Progressive education institutions have already realized the deficiencies in traditional education system. Globally there is a focus on exploring EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING PROGRAMS based on Universal Values that promote growth of emotional intelligence to be included in the curriculum. The main focus of quality education is on preparing students for the unknown curve-balls that life will throw at them and the challenge to be balanced in the midst of all that chaos. To chart a pathway to lead a HAPPY, MEANINGFUL and a SUCCESSFUL LIFE!!  This can only be demonstrated through EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING.

Teen's perspective

The principle and techniques discussed in this program when understood and practiced will help you to find your pathway to a meaningful, successful and happy life. You will learn to appreciate your strengths and the strengths of other around you and work towards synergistic associations and collaboration to live your dreams .. There are 1.5 million engineers graduating from Indian colleges every year.. assuming that China produces the same then the numbers are staggering (IQ SATURATION) …. So what differentiates you from your peers of the same qualification? Corporates today have realized that although academics is an important benchmark for evaluation but that is not a true or complete indicator of an individual’s potential……. Progressive  organizations are looking more and more to understand the critical differentiators of caring employees. They have narrowed it down to the degree of EVOLUTION that a person has in the sphere of understanding his/her motivation and emotional Intelligence. Why would anyone else invest time and energy in you if you are not committed to yourself? So before you make a choice on the pathway of life, it would pay to understand yourself and then choose!!


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