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Pathways to Engagement (for 6 participant)


The package includes :

  • 1 x VIA Pathways to Engagement eLearning program (6 modules)
  • 6 x VIA PRO Reports Sample report
  • Certificate from VIA for each participant.

1 x Values In Action

Products that will be added:

  • 1 x VIA PRO
  • 1 x VIA PRO
  • 1 x VIA PRO
  • 1 x VIA PRO
  • 1 x VIA PRO
  • 1 x VIA PRO
  • 6 x VIA Team


Parent’s perspective:

The study of character strengths at work has rapidly increased globally, in the last several years. Consultants, executives, human resource professionals, and managers are now regularly weaving character strengths exercises to help their employees become more engaged, productive, and happy. The use of character strengths to improve the effectiveness of leadership skills, creating winning teams, and improving the culture of the entire organizations is emerging as an effective SUCCESS strategy.

After the course, you will witness the following benefits:

  1. Appreciation of Individual Authenticity in a work environment within teams and the organisation.
  2. Help employees improve engagement through knowledge of their own signature strengths and those of their co-workers.
  3. Re-frame workplace challenges and resolutions from a strengths-based perspective and add value to your Clients, Products & Services.
  4. The team will rise to overcome challenges using their signature strengths to DELIVER.
  5. Identify activities that boost team performance, employee engagement and team culture.
  6. All this leading to being:
    1. Happy – Engaged and Motivated Workforce and Satisfied Customer
    2. Meaningful – Continuous Improvement Movement
    3. Successful – Greater accomplishments



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