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VIA ERM Report


The Employee Role Matching Report is designed to match employees with different work roles based on their VIA character strengths. It reviews the individual’s unique character strengths profile and uses a research-based, complex algorithm to articulate which of the seven common work roles might be best suited for the individual based on their strengths. The report provides information on the individual’s top two ranked roles, as well as the lowest ranked role, with workbook pages to prompt exploration, planning and job sculpting.

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Research has shown that individuals with certain character strength profiles of an individual work better in some roles than in others. By work role, we do not mean your work function. Your function might be accountant or salesperson or teacher, but your roles are the kinds of things you actually do to carry out your function. There are seven common work roles, and you might play more than one role or even several roles: There are seven common work roles, and you might play more than one role or even several roles:
Idea Creators (IC) enjoy generating ideas to solve problems and facilitate growth. They innovate, reframe, renew, revolutionize. Whether dealing with simple daily issues or big strategic challenges, the “idea creators” are essential to the future of any business.
Information Gatherers (IG) enjoy learning about best practices, new market trends, vendors, competitors, market forces, and finance. They like sharing what they learn in writing or presentations.
Implementers (IM) execute decisions. They are the “doers,” the ones who manufactur, market, sell, and deliver. Those who get things done are the backbone of every organization.
Influencers (IN) are full of hope and enthusiasm, relishing the challenge of convincing others. They are essential to weather opposition and rejection as they continuously work to persuade customers, bankers, investors, and shareholders that the enterprise has value.
Energizers (EN) are naturally dynamic. They’re like power plants, humming briskly through obstacles, rarely burning out, quarter to quarter and year to year. They infect others with the energy and enthusiasm to persevere.
Relationship Managers (RM) are especially well suited to build networks of people, resolve conflicts, and motivate and encourage people. They are good listeners with caring hearts, sympathetic ears, and practical advice. Such relationship-managers are essential to any business.
Decision Makers (DM) are energized by analyzing information from various perspectives, weighing evidence, applying logic, and choosing a fruitful course of action.
A complex algorithm allows VIA to predict which of these roles you may find more engaging than others based on your VIA Survey results. The prediction in this report does not consider factors beyond your character strengths that can influence how well matched you are with the various work roles. The matching is based not on talents but on character strengths—it’s about what kinds of work you find most interesting and engaging. Best case scenarios are when both your motivation and competency for executing a role are high.


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