About Us



  • To become a leading training / coaching organisation in India; enabling people to realize their full potential through Self-Integration.


  • To provide best in class training / coaching programs for individuals (Youth and Adults) /teams in organisations.
    • Helping Individual tap into their intrinsic character strengths , transform and emerge as integrated achievers / Leaders.
    • Helping organisations create unique alignment of individuals based on their character strengths for  holistic and sustainable organisational success.


  • To create awareness in every individual an understanding of their intrinsic character strengths and that of the others (Appreciative Inquiry) , thus laying the foundation to create a positive , meaningful and a happy society.

Fundamental Philosophy

  • gr8synergy training programs are crafted with the right balance of science, knowledge and spirituality based on character strengths , thus broadening their perspective , enhancing their ability to engage their executive function appropriately and understand the principles of positive decisions making.

Ethics and Compliance

  • Company Business shall be conducted in compliance with the universal laws governing well-being, peace and prosperity of all existence.
  •  All Company staff shall demonstrate a high (greater than conventional) understanding of ethical efficacy in their undertaking of company business.
  • Any behaviour which is not aligned to the company code of conduct and staff behaviour policy shall be considered as unethical. All transaction shall be documented and accounting practices shall be audited.
  • All company staff shall strictly adhere to this ethics and compliance policy and have the right to intervene to correct business behaviour in the spirit of mutual respect and no blame culture.
  • Confidentiality shall be maintained to the highest possible degree within the boundaries of applicable law. The reputation of the ‘Client’ shall be treated as reputation of the ‘Company’.
  • The Spirit of oneness between Client and the Company shall be the guiding principle.

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