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Founder and CEO of Authentic Strengths Advantage ® Author and Executive Coach, Fatima Doman shares insights from her extensive experience, having worked successfully with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies representing a variety of industries around the world. Drawing on groundbreaking research in the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience, she reveals pathways to Improving human performance and relationships. Fatima demonstrates that engaging your strengths, while appreciating strengths in others, boosts your emotional intelligence and dramatically transforms your effectiveness at work and in life. She is passionate about coaching people to measurably succeed by discovering and leveraging their authentic character strengths. Fatima served as Co-founder and Co-director of FranklinCovey. Global Executive Coaching Practice and holds the Advanced Executive Coaching Certification from the Columbia University Coaching Program. She has appeared as an expert coach on television and radio. Fatima Doman shall continue to support gr8synergy as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for training programs ensuring that the training programs are aligned with the latest scientific development in the sphere of positive psychology working with and in close association with the psychologist team at VIA character institute.

5 reasons to take the ASA Teenage Training Module

1. Identifies their signature Strengths from their suitcase of character virtues. Understand that Character strengths is the fuel and the rudder that powers their talents and gives their life a direction.
2. Familiarizes into the principle of Inner Coach and mindful appreciation of Life.
3. Familiarization into developing their own Motivation Grid.
4. Learns how to reflect – reveal and recalibrate for success.
5. Embark on the journey towards SELF REAL-I-SATION.

ASA approach is founded in research from the world’s leaders in positive psychology

ASA Approach

Upcoming Events

World wide launch of Fatima Doman’s book “Authentic Strengths”- Scheduled for May of 2016


Accolades for the book

“A remarkable contribution to the fields of positive psychology, coaching and leadership. Applying the principles in this book will help you discover and leverage your strengths, improve your relationships and fulfill your potential—and help others do the same.” —Stephen M.R. Covey, #1 bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and Smart Trust “Finally, an experienced voice in the world of leadership and personal coaching has built a model of personal growth that fully leverages the powerful set of tools we all possess – namely, our strengths of character. While other books on coaching make reference to the importance of building upon and building up personal strengths, this book is the first to make this strategy explicit and to unpack it practically for coaches. For a practical guide to helping your clients use their strengths of character to determine and pursue meaningful personal goals, read this book!”


“By synthesizing evidence-based research and real-life stories, Authentic Strengths provides a brilliantly accessible toolbox for leading a happier, more successful life. This is an important book for you – if you are interested in making the most of your gifts and talents!”

—Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, #1 bestselling author of Happier and Choose the Life You Want; taught Harvard’s most popular course on Positive Psychology

“Dr. Mayerson’s foreword clearly lays out the value of this book, predicting it will soon be “at the vanguard of establishing coaching excellence”—I could not agree more! I found Ms. Doman’s ability to integrate theory, research and practice impressive, relevant and an important contribution to the emerging field of executive and organizational coaching. It is my hope that each reader gains the insights I’ve gained from this book and I will add it to the set of core resources that guide my professional coaching practice—congratulations Fatima on a job well done, two thumbs up!”

—Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia, Founder and Faculty Director of Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program

“Grounded in the science of positive psychology, this book provides insights into human performance, leadership and wellbeing and teaches practical ways to apply them in everyday life. A must read for anyone interested in fulfilling their own potential or in coaching others to do so.”

—David Covey & Stephan Mardyks, Co-CEO’s & Co-Founders, SMCOV

“At long last! The first book to explicitly place character strengths, not talents or skills, but those best qualities most essential to who we are as human beings, at the forefront and core of the coaching process. If you’re a coach dedicated to taking a substantive yet uplifting approach to helping your clients, this is the book to help inform, guide, and support you. Apply the concepts, questions, and exercises in this book and watch not only your clients flourish, but you might as well!”

—Dr. Ryan M. Niemiec, psychologist and bestselling author of Mindfulness and Character Strengths: A Practical Guide to Flourishing. Education Director of the global, nonprofit VIA Institute on Character.

“This book will help you reach your goals in a deceptively simple but transformative way – by learning to become an inner ally rather than being your own worst enemy.”

—Dr. Kristin Neff, bestselling author of Self Compassion, Associate Professor Human Development and Culture, University of Texas at Austin


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