Our Personality is developed by the events that occur in our Life. As we grow and live Life
we go to school, got to college, get a job, relocate, get involved, get married, some get divorced, get married again, buy a house, a car, go on holidays, have children and so on and so forth …..and as we go through these events in life we expend a lot of our energy and emotion that we retain as imprint on our biological and psychological constitution and these imprints of past energies create our Personality (Our Personal Reality).

Therefore when we meet someone for the first time we exchange information and look for common events, experiences, possessions, places you have been too, people you know in common / follow and if you have many things in common which implies that you have experienced similar emotion (energy in motion) then it is very likely that you will connect with that person because you can relate to their  personal reality …and as long as nothing changes drastically ……. everything is going to be alright.

Now here is the twister ….. there come’s a time in everyone’s life when you can predict the feeling of every repetive experience before the experience itself , a kind of monotony and lethargy sets in the mindset, this is termed as MID-LIFE Crisis and a ”a feeling of inner void creeps in ”. We have our own personal reality embedded in our psyche based on our past experiences and we ALL desperately try to hold onto this personality thus avoid changing our personal reality that is built on the past.

This is the feeling where your SOUL is nudging you to explore a higher experience of Life ….. Nudging you to leave everything that holds no meaning to you anymore and create a new personal reality.

Most of us try to manage this feeling by doing more of what we have been doing enhancing their past personal reality in the same manner, making resolution to be more focused and working harder, taking up a sport, buying a bigger house, a faster CAR, a bigger motorcycle, going on a exotic vacation, going on a world tour , taking up a lo3y humanitarian / social cause, making new friends, changing their dressing style/ward robe, become socially active / isolated, worst case scenario over indulgence in sex, food, alcohol or drugs but do what you may this feeling just keeps coming back again and again …… The classic is that most of us start exploring Spirituality, following prescribed literature and that is the biggest mistake almost everyone does and many of them force themselves into a particular prescribed way of living…. Every one of us is UNIQUE so therefore how can there be a prescribed path to unleash our creativity (one formula cannot fit all). If that would have been the case then the Bhagwat Gita is the most read and preached spiritual manuscript …shouldn’t we have millions of Krishna’s walking on this planet earth or Jesus for that matter….. I hope you agree that does not seem to be the case.
Every time an individual ignores this feeling, they are se;ng themselves up for an EVENT that will shake the foundation of their past personal reality and finally awaken them !! Until they become conscious and ask the question “What is the purpose of my LIFE, why am I doing this ?” This is the innate desire to EVOLVE and find YOUR true Nature !!

This is your second chance to RE-INVENT your Life the way you are meant to LIVE.

Sunil Tapse

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