In Part 1 of this blog, we read about the 4 most important strengths that leaders must develop today and why. In this part, we will share simple insights on how to develop these strengths.



Integrity or Honesty

Tell people the truth, (almost) all the time.
The next time you are asked for advice, give constructive, direct and authentic feedback.
Honour your commitments in all of your relationships. If you agree to do something or schedule a time to meet with someone, be reliable and follow through.


Face what you are afraid of.
Identify an area in which you generally shy away from confrontations. Practice the phrases, the tones, and the mannerisms that will enable you to effectively confront the situation next time.
Don’t be afraid to befriend someone who is different but positive.


Offer good advice.
For your next interaction, first focus on listening carefully and then focus on sharing your ideas and thoughts.
Read quotes on wisdom, find one that resonates and then re-write it to make it your own and put it to memory. Try to think about ways that you can live more true to that quote.
Find someone wise (alive or someone who has passed on), read or watch a film on their life, and identify how their life can guide your decisions and actions.

Social Intelligence

Be friendly.
Practice noticing, labelling and expressing emotions. After you become aware of an emotion, label it, and if appropriate, express it to another.
Write five personal feelings daily for four weeks and monitor patterns.
Watch a favourite TV program or film muted and write feelings observed.

The above tips seem easy enough but practice them regularly and you will notice the ease with which you will be able to enhance your ability to lead in most situations. We hope you have gained insight into key strengths that are valued and practiced by successful leaders. Subscribe to our Blog, Facebook or LinkedIn page to keep up with all the news and views about leading a Happy, Meaningful and Successful life.
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