In the past it has been .

The Gurkha’s, the Punjabi’s, the Maratha’s and the Rajput’s (who naturally possess the character strength of courage by virtue of their genetic coding have fought physically and have held the Indian flag high in the battle field). They put their lives in the front line and our history has proven to that it takes a Warrior a Kshatriya a person with courage to bring about any meaningful change in the society. The Brahmins are the custodians of knowledge after the change has been established. So there is absolutely no conflict.

Today when the entire nation has become a battle field for HUMAN VALUES, every person who has courage, has a progressive nature, has the resilience, is above discrimination, is willing to fight peacefully for a meaningful change towards global unification and global prosperity is a Kshatriya, A Brahmin, A Vaishya and A Kshudra all in one and is towards becoming the next species of Humans that will rule the planet. The classification which is referred to in the Indian Caste System was never linked to the child’s parental heritage but from the child’s Character Strengths.

This is what the world needs today and I believe that NaMo is the MARK I of the Indian Leadership who displays all these qualities … I am sure more will emerge however it is now the responsibility of our education system to inculcate these Character Strengths in our children so that they become GLOBAL LEADERS with UNIVERSAL vision.

Anyone who relies on only overrated academic qualification rooted in the past world order, family heritage, inarticulate and opiniated personalities will NOT find any place in the Leadership of the future.

Sunil Tapse

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