For the first time the modern man is coming awake. In the modern man is the first glimpse of Individuality hence there is neurosis (a state of confusion). In the past all answers were fixed and the work of defining “YOU” was done by others. A very few would search for the answers on their own and even fewer actually awakened to the identity of the self.

One thing is for sure that TODAY there are very powerful seekers who have immense WILL and PSYCHIC energy to challenge and prove every fixed human concept of structuring the universal intelligence as null and void …. these are seekers of immense dedication their energies are eventually coming together, some of them are challenging themselves and even amongst them, those who cannot hold onto their ideology suffer psychosis (FEAR) and are dropping off into oblivion.
What affect does this have on the psyche of a common man, especially those who are still refusing to release their grip on tothe old and obsolete understanding of universal intelligence, you will see that these people will exhibit multiple of the below mentioned signs and symptoms

Will suffer DIS-EASE, experience degrading health, have neurological issues.
Will herd together in groups to express their individuality ??
Will be averse to change and oversensitive when challenged.
Will spread msg or speak of events or incidents from their lives that will induce fear in others mind – negatively focused.

Will be averse to going out of the house into nature and experiencing the glory of ever evolving Nature – change and evolution makes them uncomfortable.

Struggle to respect the INDIVIDUALITY of others and their perspective, even the people they claim they LOVE.
Fight vigorously to protect their own ideologies.
Exhibit distrust towards almost everyone.
Struggle to laugh at themselves and accept their mistakes.
Struggle to forgive and forget.
Use emotional leverage to gain sympathy.
Be aware, these are energies that need to be overcome within each of us to create the new world order and rise into the higher realms of human consciousness, observe such energies and let them pass off internally and externally.

Sunil Tapse
12th Dec 2018

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