Cosmic energy flows through each and every piece of existence. Humans are the only existential creatures that have the intellectual capability to understand the laws of this cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is the most potent form of intelligence that can be yet the purest and gentlest. Everything exists in the ocean of this cosmic energy and is energized by
this cosmic energy hence the statement “Everything is in God and God is in everything”. It ALLOWs the freedom of choice to the smallest particle of material manifestation. Material manifestation are governed by the quantum physics.
It is therefore important to match the actions with the intent. Everyone can judge you for the action but only you know the intent ! The biggest obstacle between the intent (subconscious mind) and the action (conscious mind) is the Logical mind that can only process data as information.
In this MIS-ALIGNMENT between the intent and the action, if the INTENT is good then the action can be flawed however as long as the INTENT is noble and sustained (RISILIENCE) the correction in the behavior (action) will eventually occur for good and the outcome will start aligning with the INTENT.
The million dollar question is do we force behavioral change, ? The answer is “NO” . The answer is to set an intent and observe the behavior that is affecting the desired outcome of your efforts. The greater the intent the greater level of refinement that you will have to undergo and therefore are likely to need that much more time, so don’t set the BAR too low and don’t loose
patience. The environment will continue offering you situation that will facilitate that particular behavior of yours to express itself, be aware of this and allow these situation to pass. Allow the identified negative behavior to happen as many times as need be, every time it occurs it diminishes in power until you feel that you are ready to declare VICTORY knowing that it will not affect you anymore. . The moment you declare victory within internal energy moves out of the chakra where that energy resides and moves permanently into the higher chakra and you will feel an increase in internal equanimity (Chemical Change). Understand the Lowest Chakras are the most powerful energy centers and all negative behavioral patterns origin from these chakras.

The OBSERVER within will know when a certain behavioral
pattern has been overcome and it will communicate the same
to your environment (Cellular information upgrade).
Sunil Tapse
22th Dec 2018

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