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gr8synergy (INDIA) intends to create a pool of Hi-Calibre Coaches. We deliver a suite of personalized training, coaching & reports that offer a unique insight into an individual’s Signature Strengths.

Key Facts: 

  • Globally over 4.7 million surveys across 196 countries have already been carried out and the numbers are growing exponentially,
  • Two of our flagship programs are already on the eLMS with a progression line for more,
  • We have exclusive rights to offer our training, coaching and surveys throughout India.

At gr8synergy our purpose is to create in every individual, an understanding of their intrinsic character strengths and that of the others (Appreciative Inquiry), thus laying the foundation to create a positive, meaningful and a happy society.

Should you feel that you are aligned with our missionvision and purpose, schedule a FREE session today and explore the next level:

  1. Increase your understanding of your signature strengths
  2. Develop better relationships socially and at work
  3. Create the psychology of abundance

About gr8synergy

Our mission at gr8synergy is “Developing minds to conceive, and character to create.” Competence, without the character to control it, often results in undesirable consequences. In our myopic focus, on a narrow skill set, this is why we frequently overlook the real engine that drives success – ‘Character’.

Fundamental Principle:

Our coaching programs are crafted with the right balance of science, knowledge and one’s own life experience based on character strengths of an individual/ team, thus broadening your perspective, enhancing your ability to engage your function appropriately and understand the principles of positive decision making toward goal accomplishment.


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