Leadership Initiative – Executive Summary for Parents.

We intend to introduce the Authentic Strengths Advantage (ASA) strengths coaching programme as part of the Millennium National School Leadership syllabus from grade 6 onward up to Grade 12 for two academic sessions beginning June 2017.Toward this objective, Millennium National School will train about 30-40 ASA (Authentic Strengths Advantage) Institutional Champions, who will learn and understand the principles of strengths coaching from gr8synergy ASA Master Trainers certified by Ms. Fatima Doman, Founder and CEO of Authentic Strengths Advantage, LLC USA. These Millennium National School Institutional Champions will then be the strength coaches for the students over the next 2 years.

Research undertaken by Values In Action (VIA) Character Institute (USA) over the last two decades has revealed that what makes us unique are the 24 character strengths we possess in varying magnitude. Each individual has a set of Signature Strengths, Middle Strengths and Latent/Lower Strengths. It is living in the signature strength that allows the individual to find his/her life path. However, to flourish, an individual must learn how to use all the strengths in the optimal range to support his/her signature strengths. This philosophy is firmly rooted in the principle of positive psychology (Behavioral) that looks at what is STRONG in an individual rather than what is WRONG. Research concludes that all the Characters strengths are learnable, which when practiced, result in a well-balanced and a rounded personality.

As participants of the Authentic Strengths Advantage (ASA) program, students will have the opportunity to learn powerful principles that will help them to explore, empower, and engage their character strengths and the character strengths of others, leading to more fulfillment in their lives and the lives of others they touch. In developing these skills, they will be better enabled to take advantage of their strengths and the strengths of those around them at school and in every other area of life as they grow. ASA strength coaching approach is founded in research from the world’s leaders in positive psychology like Martin Seligman.

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