Every parent wants their child to be future ready and live a happy, meaningful and a successful life ……. But we often don’t invest our time in the child to help create that future…. How ironical….

We routinely rest this responsibility with institutions such as schools/ colleges to acknowledge, nurture and encourage our most valued asset, our children. If we start looking at our children through this lens, perhaps things would quickly fall into perspective.

What we expect

Through academic excellence we expect our child to stand out and ultimately succeed in a meritocratic society. Trouble is, academic excellence is NOT the silver bullet to a successful and happy life that we all desire for our children.We know this from our ownlife experience!

Take a moment to reflect on your life and your success considering the metric of academic excellence…

Many famous people have tried to capture the formula for success…

“The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” ~ Mark Twain

“Success means doing the best we can with what we have.” ~ Zig Zigler

I’m sure you have some of your own, but are you sure these will work today, with your child?


But in reality… The changing equation of success

We humans………. have evolved faster, compared to any other animal species……. Faster as in 72 million years!! That is the time it took us to evolve from primates to humans….

Let us consider the start of the skill of handwriting as the next big evolutionary milestone that started effective communication through written language.… It took us another 2.4 million years before humans could start writing….

In the last 200 years, over 130 million books have been published!!! ….  The amount of information on the internet today is growing rapidly and it seems impossible for us to decipher and use all the information constructively.

We are on a journey and the next phase of evolution is signaled by a saturation point…. our children are totally submerged,in fact drowning under information and now the challenge is for them to EVOLVE so that they can tune into the information that they find relevant and useful to them….

Did you notice the trend here? How can our formula or definition of success be still valid by the time our children become adults?

The future is evolving at  exponential pace, faster than ever before!!

We as parents, educators and children themselves can sense the uncertainty about the future…

What seems as a great career option today will be obsolete by the time our children graduate out of college and what seems as a ridiculous career option today could be one of the world’s foremost careers…

We are hurtling into a future where our children are meant to re-design everything in this world. We as parents and educators are grappling with this TRUTH that we can sense but fail to acknowledge today will rapidly morph into the reality of tomorrow. What we are teaching them in schools today was obsolete 10 years ago……. and we are now in a downward spiral and our children could be left directionless…… unless we act now!

The neglected aspect of EDUCATION !

The traditional approach is very effective in creating model citizens and good workers. In a more contemporary approach, we at gr8synergy see education as preparing the new generation for the changes that are to come–readying them to create solutions to problems yet unknown. This new approach requires questioning, thinking, and creating. To further complicate matters, some expect schooling to fulfill both functions of education (imparting knowledge and creating the future of society), but allow only those activities that promote rearing and nurturing to be used.

The balance in education, brings into right focus, our educators. We believe that, in order to achieve balance, educators must start by changing the structure or the ways in which decisions about what we learn, are made. Leveraging stakeholder’s (students, parents & teachers) perceptions in determining aims, establishing a shared vision of education, and facilitating a change in education’s role in our collective future.

If anyone or any scientific process claims that they can predict the future…. our future…. Think carefully!!  There is no such science… because evolution is driven by our need and our thoughts and when we enthuse our energies into our vision, creation is initiated.

This is the age of CREATIVITY where information is easily available, our children are smart and can figure out what they want to do…but do they have the know how to apply themselves to their aspirations to lead themselves to accomplishment.

See this Video and decide for yourself … are we teaching our children how to make the best of what life serves…

The starting point of Creativity is vision. One then must find the inner strength to follow that vision. In the process learn to manage one’s thoughts from all the distractions, and motivate oneself.  One needs to find the energy and the courage to act, find collaborative strengths and resources are most certainly required from an external source, build resilience for failures experienced and continue to maintain a positive mindset (perseverance). This journey builds faith that creation as anything in nature takes time to come to its full potential and glory. They need to start experiencing this in small steps now so that they can accomplish bigger and better things in their LIFE !!

Success is a feeling of joy experienced by an individual when he/she has applied his/her intrinsic strengths and created something that is meaningful (i.e.makes sense to oneself and others).

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