The flower that blossoms is in the seed that is enclosed.
Every individual is a seed waiting to blossom !
EVOLUTION is an inevitable PATHWAY towards ASCENDENCE!

In fact the best age for expression of Creativity is between 05-08 years, in this age the children are relatively free from severe conditioning and peer pressures and are in a state of equanimity.

Unfortunately as we grow into being teenagers and then adult’s a lot of irrelevant information is transferred from the people who surround us based on their half baked wisdom….and the real challenge for every teenage/adult today to discard the wisdom of others and establish their own wisdom when they eventually realize that they are being driven to  live life in a set manner rather than naturally living life as it comes !!
Fear of the future, anxiety, jealousy, envy, competitiveness, anger, comparanoia, insecurity, inferiority/superiority complex, judgement, fixation to an outcome, need to control others, holding on to negative memories of the past, constant risk mitigation for a future that is yet to occur, outward focus in life (social media etc. etc are the antidote’s of equanimity. These emotions/behaviors constantly disrupt the internal balance within and produce chemicals that induces stress in the individual’s psychological composition and triggers a downward spiral.

It’s NEVER to late to UPROOT ourselves from all that is meaningless and revive our spirit in a more meaningful manner. We humans are far more e RISILIENT then we believe and more importantly we need to be guided by OUR SPIRIT !! In the case of humans we have to UPROOT ourselves from all that has no meaning in LIFE to find the childlike equanimity to unleash our creativity and that needs tremendous COURAGE.

Sunil Tapse
18th Dec 2018

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