Social Intelligence

If Social Intelligence is your top strength, you are aware of the motives and feelings of other people. You know what to do to fit in to different social situations, and you know what to do to put others at ease.

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Social Intelligence falls under the virtue category of Humanity. Humanity describes strengths that manifest in caring relationships with others. These strengths are interpersonal and are mostly relevant in one-on-one relationships.

Key Concepts

Social intelligence involves two general components:

  • Social awareness: what we sense about others

  • Social facility: what we do with our awareness

The Tuohy Family Matriarch Makes A Connection

Social Intelligence Motto

Be friendly.

Exercises for Boosting Social Intelligence

Practice noticing, labeling and expressing emotions. After you become aware of an emotion, label it, and if appropriate, express it to another.

Write five personal feelings daily for four weeks and monitor patterns.

Watch a favorite TV program or film muted and write feelings observed.


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